A Dog Named Beautiful by Rob Kugler

When I first saw the title for A Dog Named Beautiful I was sure it was just another tear jerker dog story. When I saw that it was based on the true story of Bella and her marine Rob Kugler I knew it was another tear jerker dog story. I also knew that I had to read it. I was right, I cried. But I also laughed and learned a lot and was completely drawn into the story. Rob does an excellent job of telling Bella’s story as well as relating it to his own and how they ended up as the inseparable pair that they were. 

I’ll be honest, the first few pages I wasn’t sure about this guy because Bella kept calling Rob “daddy”-I mean a man talking to his dog? I don’t know why but it seemed so strange, but then I was like, “well yeah, of course Bella talked. My dogs talk too.” …to my dogs. This whole conversation was with my dogs to be completely honest. So, I kept going and obviously got sucked in because five hours later I was done with the book, having cried through the last quarter of it. And once I was done it would have been weird if father and daughter weren’t talking.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a book where the sole purpose is to make you cry. But it is the true story of a man and his best friend making the most of their time together. Plus, Rob and Bella had such an incredible bond that I could feel their love and it just pulled on my heart.

READ THIS BOOK. After all the heartaches, and ups and downs, and overall good times before Rob and Bella part you are left with a Rob who is still open to loving again (as he shows at the end of the book). I honestly think if I were Rob this story would have broken me, but Rob kept going in the name of Bella and it really is just beautiful.

I absolutely loved this book and it’s because of stories like these (and my inability to turn away from them) that I appreciate my dogs so much and treat them like the four-legged people they are. Cheers, to Bella and Rob – the non-stop duo that will help renew your appreciation and love for your own pup!

From left: Bella, Half of Rob’s Head, Sheriff Raff, Berlyn aka Lingy


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