Don’t Turn Around by Jessica Barry

A BarksBeachesBooks Review

Holy thriller. This was Joyride meets The Invisible Man (2020 edition). I even got a little bit of Christina Dalcher vibes from the male characters which was unexpected but added to the angry and rushing atmosphere. From page one this is a thriller with the already running car waiting to make a break for it. The action doesn’t stop either and I could not put it down. I only wish a certain someone at the end would have received the nicely packaged karma they deserved, however this missing sliver did not take away from the story.

Cait and Rebecca are headed to Albuquerque through the Texas and New Mexico deserts. Cait is bringing her own secrets along for the ride about why she is doing what she is doing. She knows why Rebecca is in her car and letting Cait drive her to NM. Or…she knows part of it. But can you ever really know anyone? Especially someone who you’ve just met?

When a truck appears behind the two women on the highway and starts bumping them and playing chicken, Cait and Rebecca each think it’s someone after themselves. The two women attempt to get away but keep running into problems – besides the obvious truck one. Just when they think they are clear, something else pops up in true thriller style. Jessica Barry knows her way around writing a thriller. I was so close to the edge of the seat I almost fell off. It’s so good to find a new (to me) author that can get my heart racing and keep me wholly invested in the book.

If you like multiple points of view, triple time lines, and a surplus of motives then this is the book for you. All this combined with terror in the desert made for a really gripping and lightning fast read that I didn’t want to end. I was on a deadline to read this which might have helped up my thrill levels. You likely won’t be on a deadline, so my recommendation? Pretend.

Thanks so much to Harper Collins for my copy to read and review!


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