A (non-comprehensive) List of Things I Don’t Finish…

…due to anxiety.

  1. Beverages. Usually hot, idk why. Because what if I drink it too fast and I want more? So then the coffee gets cold and I reheat which is never as good and then I don’t finish it again. Usually like 5 reheats and it’s still half full at the end of the day.
  2. Decorating. Because what if I don’t like it afterward? It will have been a waste of time (lol, who cares?) and/or money.
  3. Books. Because if it’s good and I finish then its over and then what? I could read it again but I won’t so instead I do neither.
  4. Series. I know the others were good so will it live up to the hype?! Will it be a huge let down? A waste of time??! Will I be too sad when it’s over? Examples: Twilight (books, not the movies), Zoo (the show, not the books)
  5. Hobbies. Because what if I don’t get better? What if I get TOO GOOD?
  6. Making plans. Because what if I don’t want to go later because, you guessed, anxiety! So then I pretend I’m spontaneous which is also…not great for anxiety….
  7. Writing blogs/articles/a book…I mean, what if it’s just bad? So I’m making myself write one which brings me to…
  8. This list. Because I’m sure anyone can tell by the groundbreaking content here that there has to be at least 50 more.

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