RayJay Everlasting Lashes

Sick of mascara? Sick of that pesky lash glue? Sick of short lashes that don’t stand out? Well do I have the solution for you! Lash extensions. They are glued on to your individual natural lashes and then BAM! You’re done. For 4-6 weeks you have the long lashes you’ve always wanted and nothing to do! I mean, wash ya face and don’t rub them when you’re sleepy but other than that they’re so easy! Okay my late night TV infomercial tone pitch is done. Now that I’ve got your attention…

The initial appointment is a couple hours but after that it’s just refills as long as you don’t let them all fall off. Your artist usually will do a one hour or two hour fill and basically whatever they can fit on your lashes during that time gets done and then you enjoy your pretty eyes for another month and half before going back.

So why RayJay Everlasting? First of all, the attention to detail. Which translates to attention to lashes. Which means you get more lashes on your lashes and who doesn’t want that?! The owner is incredible, highly attentive to those lashes, and easy to work with. (Yes, I grew up with up with her. But that doesn’t mean anything here except that I know she’s good outside of lashing too. Trust me. I don’t just give our recommendations willy nilly.)

You can get different types of lashes as well: Classic (more natural), Volume (glam-or-ous), Hybrid (a combo of the two), and Mega Volume (hello, beauty queen). For an additional fee you can even get colorful lashes! (These are special request so message first to add.) These are basically the lazy makeup girl’s dream. I love makeup but do I do it? Rarely. These make me feel done up with very little effort. And people are like, “Dayum, are those your real lashes?!” And then we laugh and laugh. “Yes”, I reply. Because who needs to know?

Hit up RayJay Everlasting on Instagram and online here!

My before and after lashes from my wedding!

Black Knife Bakery

Have you ever went around trying a bunch of the same product from different places to find the best one? If so, we would enjoy hanging out (eating) together. If not, I did it for you and, in this specific case, for macarons. I’ve tried many macarons from different places and I found faults with most of them. Like, I love macarons but they are SO EASY to mess up. And apparently I’m, how would you say it in French?, très picky.

I tried macarons from local bakeries, Costco, Whole Foods, random dessert menus while out to eat. They were all either too crunchy, somehow simultaneously too crunch and too chewy, or just downright disgusting. (Seriously, I tried a mango one that in turn tried my gag reflex.) I even tried some from an actual French import store which weren’t bad…but still not the best.

Then I found Black Knife Bakery and holy macaron-i (see what I did there?) they are AMAZING! Every year I order a classic flavor dozen of the coconut cream pie flavor to share with myself for my birthday. They are the perfect amount of chewy and melt in your mouth and I would lay my life on the line for that filling. But there are so many cool flavors in addition to the “normal” ones. I mean, blueberry lavender matcha? Fruity Pebbles?! Every month there is a new variety box you can order with multiple different flavors to try. AND you can order for tons of events (they can even be airbrushed!): corporate events, gifts, parties, Netflix binging. I ordered several dozen for my wedding! They are also priced fairly (plus bigger than “normal” macarons) and 100% worth your money.

Go to Deviny at Blank Knife Bakery for your macarons. You will not regret it – these are seriously so good and my favorite dessert! And check out all the pretty pics on Black Knife Instagram too!

Fit Theorem Northglenn

Never in my life did I think I’d be in kickboxing classes. If I’m being totally honest I kind of just assumed I’d wake up knowing how to roundhouse one day and I’d be set. Instead, I workout at Fit Theorem in Northglenn and it’s the best thing about that city. (Besides my favorite steakhouse that sits in the same shopping center.)

This is a 45/50-ish minute class that kicks my ass every time I take it but I LOVE IT. I recently tried to check out another gym when my FT membership ended and it…did not go well. So I’m back. I’m all about efficiency when working out – I do not want to be in a gym for hours. This gives me exactly that, and if you sign up for unlimited classes (and if you’re insane) you can even take multiple classes a day if 45 minutes somehow is too easy for you. Get your cardio and your weights in at the same time!

PLUS, this is super fun. The coaches are great. They push you. They make jokes. The are knowledgeable. They never make fun of me when I show up with a RedBull. (And if I tell them my husband knocked the bag over with a front kick and tried to cover it up so he wouldn’t have to do burpees they make him do the burpees. Lol sucker.)

Here’s a link to my gym specifically – there are multiple locations though, so check that before you get too sad that I was bragging about how I can do a roundhouse and you can’t attend the gym.
*This is not a paid ad, I just really like it here. But still maybe mention Kate sent you and they might give me a pass on pushups or something. 😉 *

Proof I can do a roundhouse.

Smooth Skin Centers

Y. ‘all. This place is amazing. Think of a skin related thing. Botox? Laser hair removal? Tattoo removal? Skin tightening? Esthetics? They have all of those. (And more.) They also have walk in prices and 3 different membership levels that allow you access to discounts on services, PLUS! They send out monthly deals at the beginning of each month that are to die for.

I usually come once a month for laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal. The perks? Permanent remove unwanted hair. It doesn’t feel like you’re being tortured for state secrets like a Brazilian wax does. Super quick services. You can see the progress. Downside: it hurts. Anyone who tells you it doesn’t is a liar BUT it’s NOTHING compared to waxing and it’s so fast you forget about it right afterward. Even the aftercare is cake.

Additionally the staff is AMAZING! Super informative, super helpful, GENIUSES (they make their own skin care line here?!), and hilarious. We always have a good time when we go here. (My mom usually comes with me just to say hi to everyone.) Check them out, you won’t be disappointed in getting your skin cared for at Smooth Skin Centers! CLICK HERE to see what I’m raving about.

*This is not a paid ad or partnership – this is just me saying how much I love something.