RayJay Everlasting Lashes

Sick of mascara? Sick of that pesky lash glue? Sick of short lashes that don’t stand out? Well do I have the solution for you! Lash extensions. They are glued on to your individual natural lashes and then BAM! You’re done. For 4-6 weeks you have the long lashes you’ve always wanted and nothing to do! I mean, wash ya face and don’t rub them when you’re sleepy but other than that they’re so easy! Okay my late night TV infomercial tone pitch is done. Now that I’ve got your attention…

The initial appointment is a couple hours but after that it’s just refills as long as you don’t let them all fall off. Your artist usually will do a one hour or two hour fill and basically whatever they can fit on your lashes during that time gets done and then you enjoy your pretty eyes for another month and half before going back.

So why RayJay Everlasting? First of all, the attention to detail. Which translates to attention to lashes. Which means you get more lashes on your lashes and who doesn’t want that?! The owner is incredible, highly attentive to those lashes, and easy to work with. (Yes, I grew up with up with her. But that doesn’t mean anything here except that I know she’s good outside of lashing too. Trust me. I don’t just give our recommendations willy nilly.)

You can get different types of lashes as well: Classic (more natural), Volume (glam-or-ous), Hybrid (a combo of the two), and Mega Volume (hello, beauty queen). For an additional fee you can even get colorful lashes! (These are special request so message first to add.) These are basically the lazy makeup girl’s dream. I love makeup but do I do it? Rarely. These make me feel done up with very little effort. And people are like, “Dayum, are those your real lashes?!” And then we laugh and laugh. “Yes”, I reply. Because who needs to know?

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My before and after lashes from my wedding!